Welcome to the circle of protection meditation. * Before you play this audio, I invite you to enhance your experience and to make it more real by creating an actual circle. Gather pillows, books, blankets or whatever is easy to grab and arrange them in a circle around you wherever you are sitting or lying down. Or nestle into a cozy blanket or if none of these are available, simply imagine yourself surrounded by an actual circle.

*Click on the button below or the Guardian Angel image. You can download this audio through dropbox, click on the download symbol. Thank you to Paul Petersky who wrote and performed the beautiful background music entitled  Vespers for My Children

In challenging times, it is important to center yourself so you can be of service to others. In that light,  I am expanding my practice to anyone who might be feeling isolated or overwhelmed and could benefit from some personalized calming techniques  and guidance.  I am now adjusting my fees if your income is diminished, so please feel free to contact me.