• Provides a safe and compassionate place for you to thrive

  • Identifies and replaces the patterns that have kept you stuck

  • Creates a step-by-step structure designed to fit your lifestyle

  • Guides you to discover your own inner wisdom

  • Streamlines your progress so you feel joy and ease along the way

  • Strengthens your confidence to integrate changes into your daily life

  • Offers private weekly sessions in person or via phone

Together, Lets take action!

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* "Robin, you helped me pinpoint problem issues I wasn't aware of. I learned to set boundaries with others, ask for what I need, and become connected to my body. Step-by-step we made a plan to get through them rather than cover up with food. You also helped me cope with difficult situations that were occurring in my life by offering support and realistic goal-setting."

Colleen W., Seattle, WA

* Individual results may vary