Hypnotherapy can influence the subconscious mind so that change happens from within, smoothly and naturally. Imagination is more powerful than willpower.

As I guide you into deep relaxation, your conscious mind will take a back seat. This allows your subconscious mind to become more accessible and open to suggestion.

In this deep state of enhanced awareness, you can:


Like daydreaming, hypnotherapy is a fun, creative tool for

self-discovery. I will guide you through a personalized step-by-step

plan. All you have to do is let go and enjoy this safe and gentle

process. You will come out of this state relaxed, refreshed

and ready to live life fully!

*"Work with Robin has been an incredibly revealing and eye opening process. The intuitive nature of this work allowed me to get to the root of why I overeat.  Through hypnotherapy, I uncovered old patterns, so they lost their power over me. I now know that my body is a wise healer and its natural wisdom guides me towards a healthy weight for my body. Robin, I have appreciated your gentle guidance, compassionate instruction, sweet essence and spirited passion."

Tonya Y., Seattle, WA

* Individual results may vary