Robin Maynard-Dobbs - Certified Coach

Robin Maynard-Dobbs

I am here to tell you that the old paradigm is no longer working.

My mission is to spread a new, revolutionary approach to weight loss that empowers women to step into their natural beauty.

Many of us struggle to shrink our bodies down to an acceptable size, yet we’re never small or thin enough.  This cultural obsession with thinness generates comparison, self-rejection, and leads to depletion of our life force.

It is an outdated model of weight loss, a masculine system that is based on numbers. We become preoccupied with counting calories, calculating grams of fat or carbs and measuring our worth by a number on the scale. In addition, advertising uses this thin body image to keep us buying products and striving to attain an impossible ideal. This drive towards perfection shrinks our capacity to be powerful at a time on the planet when our energy is most needed.

The truth is, we do not need to make ourselves small.  It is time to stop hating our bodies and appreciate the magnificence of who we are. 

It is time for us to care for our bodies as we embrace our power

Having worked with women for nearly three decades, I have come to realize the breadth of what is at stake. This is about much more than your struggle to resist the temptation of midnight ice cream by the light of the freezer.  When you embark on the journey to become lighter, you join with other women to become part of a larger transformation that’s occurring on our planet. There is an urgent need for revolution on all levels. The way we treat our bodies is the way we treat the earth. We can choose to treat our bodies as objects to be manipulated or we can choose to honor our bodies as an integral part of this living earth, to be respected and cherished, cared for and embraced.

I myself have struggled with compulsive eating followed by excessive exercise. When I learned how to listen to my body's messages, this cycle ceased. I am continually in the process of learning to pay attention to the wisdom of my body, this innate intelligence that is always available to me.

Are you ready to embark on this amazing journey?  You don't have to know how. As your coach, that's my job. In our partnership, I design an evolving, custom-made plan to fit your needs and lifestyle.  I pull from a repertoire of techniques that derive from my training as a:

  • Certified Personal Coach

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Advanced Practitioner of EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Founder of Becoming Lighter ™ (formerly known as Aware Eating™)


I am also an artist and give visual expression to the feeling of lightness.

My series of vibrant paintings of Women Dancing with Vegetables promotes the paradigm shift we all need. “Healthy eating” is often perceived as a tedious effort to “be good.” But healthy eating can be delightful and fun. When we appreciate the color, beauty, and grace inherent in fresh fruits and vegetables, we enter into a new, joyful relationship to food.

* “Robin put her heart and soul into coaching me. Her commitment was unwavering and she went above and beyond in so many ways from the many resources she shared with me to the time she put into helping me achieve breakthroughs using a multitude of methods/ideas/techniques. Robin was always so caring and compassionate, and her faith in me remained consistent and strong. This made me feel very special and gave me the courage to explore places that were unknown or too daunting to seek out previously. I learned a tremendous amount about myself under her guidance that has been valuable in all areas of my life. I would highly recommend her coaching to anyone who is ready to dig deep and move forward in her life. ”

Sonya S., Seattle, WA

* Individual results may vary