Maybe you have attempted countless times to change your habits only to end up feeling discouraged. Imagine how much easier the transformation could be when you have a coach who really understands your challenges.

I am here to give you uplifting guidance and consistent support.

This process is for you if:

  • You are open to realizing that your struggle with food is actually trying to tell you something about your patterns

  • You feel overwhelmed by too many choices

  • You are willing to accept the body you have now, knowing it is always changing

  • You would like a personalized plan that creates structure in your daily life

  • You prefer a one-on-one connection that holds you accountable

  • You are willing to invest the time, energy and money to do what it takes to become lighter

Curious to find out where you are on the journey? Take this quiz

Together let’s take action!

I have had to close my lovely office space and, like many of you, I am transitioning to working from home. I now offer coaching and hypnotherapy sessions via the phone and on zoom. Feel free to reach out for support in this challenging time. Now offering sliding fee scale.

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By making this commitment, your health becomes a priority and you put yourself first. Since downtimes are inevitable, I will help you to stay focused until this new way of living becomes your natural choice.

My clients and I are really excited about the changes they make by engaging in this coaching process. I wish you the very best in your journey towards becoming lighter!


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* “I was a chubby little girl and for many decades of my life I struggled with food and body image issues. By the time I found Robin at 46 years old, I was completely despondent over my inability to handle the “food rituals,” the unaware eating, the cruel tapes in my head playing 24/7, and most of all, the shame that came with all of this. No one in my life had a clue about the hidden shame I carried.     Since I began working with Robin, I have come to a much more peaceful place with food. And incredibly, I am happy to be in my body! I am making better and more conscious food choices and I exercise 4-5 times a week. I no longer engage in shameful eating or ritualistic food behavior. Robin’s methods for changing food and body image issues and her kind, compassionate and knowing nature have been a huge gift in my life. For me, this process is now a conscious journey. The best part is I know I’m truly not alone in this process of becoming free.”

Anne Marie B., Tenino, WA

* Individual results may vary