* Individual results may vary   


*“Robin is a delight to work with and has helped me change my life and view myself in a different light.  When I first met with Robin I came to her with an addiction to food.  I had tried over the years many different types of diets, diet programs, personal trainers.  What I found with Robin was very unique and different.  It never occurred to me that I could partner with my body instead of trying to cower it into submission. At our first session, Robin told me that over the next several weeks, we would be finding new ways to handle my emotions and new ways to see food.
Robin helped me unpack my addiction and understand the many layers underneath such an addiction.  She also had many tools to help me overcome my problems with food.  She helped me understand the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger.  We talked about proper nutrition and helping avoid physical hunger by eating protein.
Robin has lots of different super helpful resources that she gave me at each session such as news articles, books, a CD to listen to in the car etc. I could tell while working with her that she had a lot of experience, knowledge and wisdom that she has gleaned through working with clients for 20+ years.
We also talked about different strategies to overcome emotional eating.  Robin helped me understand the reasons for my emotional eating and how to handle feelings that I wanted to suppress or "eat". I even feel like I understand who I am as a person better after working with her.  Robin is a genuinely caring person and I felt safe working with her.  I looked forward to our sessions together and I honestly feel she has something very unique to offer.
I would wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone who wants to change their
relationship to food.”

Hilary C., Seattle WA

* "When I met Robin, I was feeling overwhelmed with thoughts of very low self esteem, related to my relationship with food. This was causing a lot of anxiety, and helplessness. Robin was able to help me find the causes for these feelings, and offered many helpful strategies, in a very caring and nurturing way. She is a wonderful listener, with many skills and tools and practical methods that have been extremely helpful in helping me to manage my diet, and in turn, my life, filling me with more confidence and self love. I have learned practical methods for meal planning, and have actually achieved a lot more joy in eating, by nourishing my body in a healthy way. The shift has come from eating the proper things at the proper times, asking for help from those around me and, relaxation strategies, and encouraging self love, which has helped me immensely in all aspects of my life. I feel extremely grateful for finding Robin, and my life is so much better for the therapy that I received from her."

Susie V., Seattle WA

* “Working with Robin was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Our coaching time has made such a huge difference in how I perceive and handle my lifelong challenge with food and weight. I have made a huge shift into a place of acceptance and peace with myself. Now, I can stop long enough to recognize when I am going towards food for some reason. I can see what it is I need and ask myself “Is this what I really want? Is this how I can best take care of myself?” I can live in harmony by giving myself what I need and showing compassion for myself. I thank Robin for helping me get to this point and look forward to even more growth in this area of my life.”           

Sara P., Denver, CO

* “Before working with Robin, I was struggling with my unconscious eating habits and unable to understand why I would eat when I knew my body did not need the food I was consuming.

Paying attention, listening to my body and loving myself were some of the precious gifts that Robin gave me during our time together. I finally slowed down and gave myself permission to take care of me in a loving and positive way. Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing only ugliness I now take the time to appreciate this beautiful body that I live in by nurturing and feeding both my body and soul with loving attention. Thank you for introducing my true authentic self to me. I am finally at peace after years of struggle and pain.”

Dinah M., Seattle, WA

* “After years of therapy and constant struggle, I have finally found peace within. It came to me in the form of Robin Maynard- Dobbs who taught me how to live anew in the present moment. I learned how to understand my body and my feelings and not fight them. Now I love me for me and give myself what I need and deserve. Her soul radiates light to me and tirelessly calms my being. Thanks to Robin, I am not only aware of my eating but aware of the truly awesome person that lives within.”

Melissa H., Houston, TX

* “In my life, I have gained and lost 20lbs every few years. The struggle has been unbearable. With Robin’s help, I have learned that I have never listened to my body, only to my emotions or my mental willpower affected my food choices. I have only been “good” or ‘bad”. Now, after working with Robin, I am learning to truly listen to my body for the first time. I am experiencing a freedom, a comfort and a calmness that I could not ever imagine before this process. My battles and anxiety around food don’t plague me any longer. In addition, 20lbs have truly melted away! I’m not perfect by if I never lose another pound, this process has been worth it, just experience the joy and freedom and security that I now feel. I trust that it will only get better.”

Nancy B., Bellevue, WA

* “Robin, your incredible compassion, clarity and ability to meet me exactly where I am at the moment has been a very healing force in my life. On many occasions, I have been paralyzed with resistance and after spending a few minutes with you in a session, the heaviness was complete lifted. I have been able to make some amazing changes in my life since our work together. I have been more motivated to treat myself with the same love, kindness and respect that you showed to me. It is astonishing to me how much can be accomplished in a short amount of time with a good coach. Thanks for the priceless gift!”

Joan S., Seattle, WA

* “Through my work with Robin, I have noticed that I am more confident, and less focused on food. I am automatically taking care of myself with much more ease. Now I choose the best foods for me when I shop. I actually cook and enjoy it, and sit at the table vs. eating on the run as I had in the past.

When stress hits and I  ‘fall off the wagon’, I bounce back to the healthy pattern we’ve worked on much sooner than in the past. Yeah! Our joint work (you facilitating and me being open) in hypnotherapy, I reclaimed pieces of myself, long hidden or ‘stuffed’ back. This work is much bigger than just establishing healthy eating. It invites my life essence back to my broken self, to aid in making me whole again. What a huge gift and blessing!”                       

Patricia C., Kirkland, WA

* “Robin is an extraordinary person and an extraordinary coach! I have been coached by several others in the past and have found Robin’s coaching to be the very best I have ever received. She has a way of listening and offering her feedback that goes right to the heart of the matter. Not only does she give very valuable feedback, but she also offers genuine warmth and caring that is very healing to the soul. I wholeheartedly recommend Robin to anyone looking for a coach – my life has been truly enriched by our coaching relationship!”   

Ellen E., Hartford, CT

* “Following countless diets, I would drop pounds, yet nothing inside of me changed. It would only be a matter of time before the weight would come back. Working with Robin has truly saved me by helping me to make the connection with my body. She helps me to look within myself for the answers and keeps me focused in a positive direction. The weight loss has been slow, 40 pounds in about a year, but with Robin’s encouragement and support, the weight I drop will be permanent. I feel so much more empowered and confident in myself.”

Ellen L., Seattle, WA

* “My coaching work with Robin has been positively transformational. She helped me to distinguish between biochemical and emotional aspects of food craving and how to eliminate them. She had a very gentle yet powerful ability to move me away from my “story” and go right to the wound that had been triggered. I also felt totally safe with Robin – she listens without ever being judgmental. The spiritual tools she taught me, I use everyday. What a gift she has and what a gift she has been in my life! I am forever grateful!”

Elizabeth M., Rye, NH

* “Robin, you are the best coach I have ever worked with. Your compassion and intuitive knowing helped me experience my feelings and heal at a deep level. Until I worked with you, I never thought I could be fully free of dieting and food obsession but now I am! Thanks for everything!!”

Christine L., Northwood, NH

* “Robin understands how to nourish the whole person, and her treatment accounts for all variables, including nutrition, biochemistry, creativity, spirituality, healing old wounds, and ongoing maintenance. Her ability to be fully present with clients is backed by personal recovery, inner fearlessness, and sincere care.

Robin also taught me a handful of powerful tools that I still use to manage my daily life, emotions, and cravings. She helped me uncover some of the harsh and unloving judgments I had internalized from my early life. In identifying the origin and tone of these voices, I realized they were often at war with each other and my greater self, and that, by becoming conscious of them, I could choose what to listen to, and what not to. This also carried over to my external life; I do not have to receive the judgments or negativity that others may “offer.” What personal freedom!

Working with Robin has helped me to tune into my body and my real hunger, which certainly has positively impacted my sanity, body weight and self-image. But moreover, Robin has helped me develop a deeper connection to myself, my personal truth and my source of power, which has and will ultimately enable me to pay it forward as an effective helper in a world where many suffer as I did.”

Laura B., Seattle, WA

*“Robin Maynard-Dobbs is an incredible blend of being a talented, experienced, skilled practitioner AND an extraordinarily caring, sensitive and perceptive person.  I can attest that these qualities add up to powerful results!  With her help and support on doing my inner work, I was able to transform challenging life circumstances into a much-improved quality of life.  She also has expertise on eating issues and helped me to overcome many years of difficulty around food.   Her warmth, wisdom, empathy, reliability and wonderful sense of humor have been welcome and appreciated in my life.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Susan T, Fort Collins, CO

* “Robin, you were a discovery right from the beginning. Your artwork is in everything you do, a celebration of the divine feminine, that elusive intuitive voice that “knows”. You provided the moisture and sunshine, so that the bulb inside of me took in that nourishment and realized it was a safe time for growth. I felt so valued by you every time we met. I have learned to love myself more, and this self-acceptance is a gateway to all that matters. It’s by looking at the darkest places and loving even them, that makes the difference. I feel confident that I will continue to grow and bloom from the loving work that we did together.”

Miriam, Mill Creek, WA

* “My work with Robin was extremely important part of my recovery from food and weight obsession. She helped me get in touch with my higher self, a part of me I thought I did not have. Her constant positivity and sense of humor encouraged me to keep persevering, even when I felt like a failure. Robin's guidance helped me get in touch with my own inner authority. Instead of giving advice, she showed me how to figure out what is best for me. My work with Robin taught me that the truest path of recovery for me is a spiritual one, and I am still on that path today.” 

Daniela M., Denver, CO

*“My experience with Robin has changed me to the core of my being. She has such a   deep commitment and willingness to be present. I faced two major addictions and found the courage to move on without them. I now accept my body and love it as well as my inner self. I am entirely grateful for Robin’s mystic wisdom and deft grace with my spirit. May you find the transcendent coach in her, which cheers you on to your own self-discovery.”

Colleen M, Edmonds, WA

*”My journey with Robin has been nothing short of incredible.  We worked together mostly over the phone, but I did have the honor of meeting her in person.  I can honestly say that she is the most genuine and sincere person that I have ever met.  The one word that always comes to my mind when I think of Robin is love. Her loving energy transcends all of her work. She is able to take you to the deepest, darkest places, and hold you there with love and gentle kindness. No matter how deep or dark a session got, it always ended in perfect peace.  Robin has a unique gift, and if you are struggling with weight, or any food issue, and are looking for gentle, loving, guidance, then look no further.   My life has been profoundly touched and changed for the better, and yours will too, guaranteed.

 Julie S., Georgia

*“The biggest thing Robin did for me was to help me make the connection to the "home in my heart".  She viscerally helped me to experience the living energy of heaven, peace, beauty and harmony.”

Angelique D. Seattle, WA

*“Working with Robin has been one of the healthiest gifts I have ever given to myself. Robin works side-by-side, with you, as a trusted partner, with whatever situations arise in your life.  She shows you how to cultivate self-soothing, emotional safety resources so that you no longer need to turn to self-harming behaviors.

She teaches you how to become aware of the strongest tool you will ever carry with you, your own body. You learn how to be still, listen and turn inward… which takes practice!   Robin teaches you how to take those parts of yourself that you thought were bad - shameful – unworthy  

(which is at the heart of any type of addiction) and realize that they can actually help you grow towards the best you could ever be. In working with Robin, I now realize that change takes place only when I integrate these techniques, with a kind and gentle approach.

Angela L., Boynton Beach, FL


* Individual results may vary